Personal Brand Project

Personal branding is all about creating yourself as a brand through description and the process of someone’s career. In my Principles of Public Relations we had to create our out personal brand through social media and this blog. This blog helped organize all our profiles and let us put up some of own works from other classes and express ourselves.

We had to create our own LinkedIn where we basically had our resume on our profile and could connect to previous coworkers or bosses. It also helps you connect to people who are in the same field as you and you can try to find you a job through them.

I have always been very skeptical about twitter but through this project it has helped me realize that twitter is very helpful. It is not only I great way to keep in touch and stay informed but through twitter chat you can actually learn about certain things and network with other PR people. Twitter and other social medias are becoming so important to mass communications and this whole project has helped me discover that.


Twitter Chat

I participated in a twitter chat on November 17, with the u30pro. It was interesting because a lot of people were in the group and commenting on each others responses. It felt a lot more comfortable than I anticipated. People were thoughtful and gave good advice and responded to my questions as well. I answered 3 out of 4 questions and commented on other people’s answers as well. The fact that people were all around the same age helped make it seem like a natural conversation. The twitter chat was a great way to meet other students in PR and get an insight from others.

I wouldn’t have really thought that I could learn so much from a twitter chat, it completely surprised me and made me more open to more chats. It’s such a great way to meet more people in PR who could potentially help you further your career.

Volunteer Experience

The event that I volunteered for was the Dunedin Art Harvest, which took place on November 5-6. The event was organized by the Junior League of Clearwater-Dunedin. It was extremely well organized. They had volunteers and guests park at the near by high school and they had shuttle buses escort the people to and from the festival. At the festival all the artists had already set up their booths.

The committee leader Michelle Anger, had me signed up as a floater/artist relief, so I was given a clear map where I would go to different booths and take over while the artist could go on their break. This went on for the most part and it was exciting to get to know the different artist and how much people were enjoying the art and the festival itself.

It was a really good experience, I have no complaints and from the guests and artists I spoke to they all really liked the festival as well.

My First Post!

These next few words attribute to my induction into the blogging world. We as people in society all have thoughts some say them aloud others don’t, those who do have always found mediums through which they can express their introspection and lately, since we have entered this feral digital age I have asked myself ¬†why not take it to the cyber level and see if someone, other than myself, is interested in my thoughts.