Personal branding is all about creating yourself as a brand through description and the process of someone’s career. In my Principles of Public Relations we had to create our out personal brand through social media and this blog. This blog helped organize all our profiles and let us put up some of own works from other classes and express ourselves.

We had to create our own LinkedIn where we basically had our resume on our profile and could connect to previous coworkers or bosses. It also helps you connect to people who are in the same field as you and you can try to find you a job through them.

I have always been very skeptical about twitter but through this project it has helped me realize that twitter is very helpful. It is not only I great way to keep in touch and stay informed but through twitter chat you can actually learn about certain things and network with other PR people. Twitter and other social medias are becoming so important to mass communications and this whole project has helped me discover that.